Anna Marie Tuazon, DEB Alum
Dr. Anna Marie Tuazon, DEB Alum

Individual Development Plan (MyIDP)

What is MyIDP?
It is an interactive web-based tool that helps research graduate students and postdocs prepare for many career options that are available to them. MyIDP is based on the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology’s (FASEB’s) Individual Development Plan for Postdoctoral Fellows.


What do I need to do to access MyIDP?
To access MyIDP, visit


What does it cost?
It is free.


How will it help me?
You will create an individual development plan with guidelines for identifying and reaching your career goal.  MyIDP includes exercises designed to assess users’ career interests and helps identify research and technical skill strengths.  After a user has completed the self-assessment exercises, they will be given a list of 20 common scientific career options starting with the best fit to the lowest.

In 2016, our NIH Trainee Anna Marie Tuazon (now a DEB alum, pictured above) created a short informational video on how to create a MyIDP profile.  Please take a few minutes to view her video HERE.