Graduate Studies

David Silberstein, Prof. Karen McDonald and Matt McNulty

Interdisciplinary Graduate Education at UC Davis

UC Davis is known for its leadership in interdisciplinary graduate education that aims to break down departmental silos and allow for flexibility in crafting top-notch training programs.  There are two main organizational mechanisms that allow UC Davis faculty to pool scholarly knowledge and access to unique research facilities - the existence of interdisciplinary Graduate Groups and Designated EmphasesThe Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology (DEB) is the largest graduate degree program on campus, accepting doctoral students from the 29 traditionally affiliated STEM disciplines listed below and from other UC Davis doctoral programs on a case-by-case basis. The first step in joining the DEB is admission to a UC Davis doctoral program.  

The UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies has a number of useful resources for potential and current graduate students, including these essential areas of concern:


Traditionally Participating Graduate Programs

The DEB program supplements a student's Ph.D. curriculum and those completing the program will obtain an official designation on their diploma and transcript indicating a qualification in biotechnology. Example: Doctoral Degree in Chemical Engineering with a Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology.

Following is a list of UC Davis graduate programs traditionally affiliated with the DEB Program:

  1. GABG - Animal Biology
  2. GACH - Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry
  3. GBCB - Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
  4. GBIM - Biomedical Engineering
  5. GBPH - Biophysics
  6. GBSE - Biological Systems Engineering
  7. GBST - Biostatistics
  8. GCSI - Computer Science
  9. GECE - Civil & Environmental Engineering
  10. GCHE - Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  11. GIPB - Integrative Pathobiology
  12. GECH - Chemical Engineering
  13. GEEC - Electrical & Computer Engineering
  14. GEMS - Materials Science & Engineering
  15. GENT - Entomology
  16. GFSC - Food Science
  17. GIGG - Integrative Genetics & Genomics
  18. GHAG - Horticulture & Agronomy
  19. GIMM - Immunology
  20. GMAE - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  21. GMCP - Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology
  22. GMIC - Microbiology
  23. GNES - Neuroscience
  24. GNUB - Nutritional Biology
  25. GPBI - Plant Biology
  26. GPLP - Plant Pathology
  27. GPTX - Pharmacology & Toxicology
  28. GSBG - Soils & Biogeochemistry
  29. GSTA - Statistics