Funding Opportunities

Strategies to Find Funding Opportunities

Funding is always a constraint to exploration in science and finding appropriate sources of funding is a perennial quest for faculty members and students alike.  To make sure that opportunities for support are not missed, DEB students are encouraged to sign up for a Pivot account using their @ucdavis email address. Watch the tutorials linked to the UC Davis Pivot page and save customized searches under your account. Pivot may be used to send regular messages about potential funding opportunities that align with your search settings. In addition to setting personalized searches with Pivot, regularly check the opportunities and deadlines for both internal and external sources of support listed on the UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies funding webpage.


Learning How to Write Funding Applications 

GradPathways offers workshops on grant writing and publishing, such as "Grantwriting 101", in partnership with the University Writing Program.

The UC Davis Office of Research has also put together a comprehensive list of resources to aid in grant development.  The Biotechnology Program partners with the Office of Research to host workshops on finding and securing funding opportunities for DEB students and faculty.  DEB and BLAST scholars should look for related workshop announcements in fall and winter quarters.