2018 Winter Quarter - MIC 292 (From Discovery to Product: An Introduction to Biotechnology at the Industrial Level)

MIC 292*

Section 002- CRN # 63229 (1 unit)

Winter Quarter 2018 (MONDAYS: 12:10-1 PM in LS 1022)

Instructor of Record:                                      Lead Instructor:
Judith A. Kjelstrom, PhD (microbiology)            Debbie S. Yaver, PhD (microbiology)                           
Director                                                           Managing Director                               
Biotechnology Program                                    Novozymes, Inc
jakjelstrom@ucdavis.edu                                    dsy@novozymes.com
(530) 752-8228                                                 (530)757-4993

This course is designed to provide a unique opportunity to gain insight into basic and applied biotechnology at the industrial level. A Tour of the research facilities will be arranged in March. Lectures will be presented by senior scientists/engineers from Novozymes, Inc. (http://www.novozymes.com) in Davis California. Appropriate for graduate students in all areas of biology, engineering and agriculture, especially those in the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology Program (deb.ucdavis.edu).   This course is an approved seminar elective for the DEB program.

12:10-1:00 PM
1022 Life Sciences

Organizational Meeting:
Course Overview and Scientific Foundations of Industrial Enzymes (Kjelstrom, Yaver)


Jan 8, 2018


Holiday       No class

Jan 15, 2018

12:10- 1:00 PM
1022 Life Sciences

Discovery of enzymes from nature and improvement of enzymes by protein engineering
(Aubrey Jones, Scientist)

Jan 22, 2018

12:10- 1:00 PM
1022 Life Sciences

Bacillus Expression Hosts
( Bill Widner, PhD, Staff Scientist)


Jan 29, 2018

12:10- 1:00 PM
1022 Life Sciences

Fungal Expression Hosts and Yield Improvement
(Sandy Merino, PhD., Staff Scientist)


Feb 5, 2018

12:10- 1:00 PM
1022 Life Sciences

Development of Bioprocessing Procedures
(Audrey Diano, PhD, Group Leader)


Feb 12, 2018


Holiday          No class


Feb 19, 2018

12:10- 1:00 PM
197 Briggs Hall

Enzymology & Application Chemistry of Bioengineered Enzymes
(Brian Scott, PhD, Research Manager)


Feb 26, 2018

12:10- 1:00 PM
1022 Life Sciences

Phylogenomics and synthetic biology as discovery tools in bioenergy and agricultural applications
(Paul Harris, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist)


March 5, 2018

12:10-1:00 PM
1022 Life Sciences
Evaluations due

Production of chemicals by microorganisms i.e. metabolic engineering
(Steve Brown, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist)


March 12, 2018

12:10-1:00 PM
1022 Life Sciences

The Business of Enzyme Production & Future Developments
(Debbie Yaver, PhD, Director)

March 19, 2018

Scheduled Tour in early March                                                        Reports are due by 5PM on Friday, March 23, 2018



This seminar series is open to the public






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