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DEB Internship Guide/Instructions (DEB 282) HERE

A Sample DEB Academic Training Plan (~5.5 year average time to degree: HERE

A Cross Disciplinary Doctoral Emphasis in Bioentrepreneurship: A Case Study of the University of California Davis Biotechnology Program. Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship. 2017, 4, 99-104. Publication: Denneal Jamison McClung and Judith A. Kjelstrom.   A very useful graph shows yearly DEB expectations.

AfterCollege U.C. Davis Biotechnology Career Network - Free resource for current DEB students or alums. Enables user (after initial registration) to search for relevant jobs and internships, build professional profile for potential employers to view, receive updates on scholarships, new jobs, etc.

Gain an Edge by Writing a Persuasive Cover Letter by Nimish Thakkar

When applying for a job/internship - Please apply for one position at a time at a company with a specific CV and cover letter that is geared to the position description. The employer wants to think that you really want the job that is advertised. The shot-gun approach DOES NOT WORK. It is not professional! - per Dr. Judy Kjelstrom


The DEB faculty representative on the student's PhD Qualifying exam should question the student on topics related to material covered in MCB 263 (Biotechnology Fundamentals and Application), GGG 296 (Scientific Professionalism and Integrity) or related ethics course and/or biotechnology related areas of the student’s research proposal.

Common Q & As (Found on Graduate Studies' Web Site)

Q. Once I advance to candidacy, do I need to register?

A. If you intend to receive your degree, you must be either registered or on approved filing fee status. If you let your student status lapse, you may have to apply for readmission. You must be registered if you:

  • Hold an academic student appointment title such as a GSR or TA (unless you are using the one quarter exception to registration);
  • Use University facilities and consult regularly with faculty; or
  • Receive a fellowship or financial aid

If your research requires that you be outside California for an entire quarter and you need to stay registered, you may petition for In Absentia Registration and pay partial fees. For more information, read the In Absentia Registration Policy and the FAQs. You may also download the In Absentia Registration form.

Filing Fee:

Q. What is the Filing Fee and am I eligible for this program?

A. The Filing Fee program was established expressly to assist those students who have completed all requirements for degrees except filing theses and dissertations and /or taking final examinations and are no longer using University facilities. The Filing Fee is a reduced fee, paid in lieu of registration fees. It is assessed only once. The Filing Fee option preserves your candidacy status with the University within approved time limits; however, you are no longer considered a full-time registered student by the University and are not entitled to the same benefits and privileges as a registered student. Filing Fee is normally approved for one quarter only.

Health Insurance:

Q. Will I be covered by the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) while I'm on Filing Fee or Planned Educational Leave (PELP) status?

A. SHIP members who go on PELP or Filing Fee status may extend their SHIP coverage for the first quarter / semester of PELP or Filing Fee status only. This extension of coverage is not automatic and your insurance fees will be higher while on PELP or Filing Fee status. Application for enrollment as a PELP or Filing Fee student must be made within five days of your registration status change. Contact Student Health Services for more information.







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